Sometimes the only thing that prevents the understanding of a word is a little perspective. Language is a means of communicating with people. And if you’re being understood, and saying what you mean to say, there’s sometimes no express problem

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It is hard to stay away from a simple proper noun like “California.” Mostly because it’s the part of the United States I believe I will forever call home, whether with my feet on the ground, or simply in the

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Given the nature of this blog, it is probably appropriate to examine the word “etymology” itself, it being a key part of my purpose in writing. Etymology is a noun, with its roots in Greek. From Etymonline, a source I

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Home is where the heart is:

So, I really should not be complaining. I am in an incredible city, doing incredible things. Really, I wouldn’t trade this opportunity for anything, here in London. What do I have to complain about? Nothing. But, sometimes, your heart is

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I think it only right to start off with one of the words that really captures my fascination with words, and is actually this blog’s indirect namesake. This word is “sesquipedalian.” It is an adjective, and it helps convey that

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Administrative Points:

Please know that the vast majority of my posts will follow a simple format. The post title will, usually, be the word that I’m examining. I will talk informally about a word or phrase, and will abstain from any explicit

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Why write about words? Because, as of late, I’ve been discovering lots of interesting little tid-bits behind some simple words. And truth be told, I have never once sat in silence and said to myself… “Hey, I should start a

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June 2023